Nazi Cosplayer Invokes Surprising Response From Porn Blog

I’ve been reading Sankaku Complex off-and-on for several years. For those who don’t know what Sankaku Complex is, it’s a popular hentai blog. I’ve never been a big fan of hentai, but I check their site once and a while because they will occasionally post non-hentai stories that no other sites will.

On April 1, 2018, an article titled Nazi Cosplayer Shoahs Anime Matsuri was posted. Too summarize, it’s about a Nazi cosplayer that attended Anime Matsuri. This, as you would assume, upset a number of people. There’s currently a Boycott Anime Matsuri movement going in response to this and other issues surrounding the convention.

Nazi Cosplayer at Anime Matsuri

Considering it was Sankaku Complex, I expected their article to be playful but read something like, “Hey, I get it. This was meant as a joke, but most people didn’t see it that way. Maybe cosplaying as a Nazi and telling Holocaust jokes is high-level trolling that most people aren’t ready for.”

Instead they defended the actions of the cosplayer. Saying there was no proof that they were actually antisemitic. This is true. We don’t know the political beliefs of the cosplayer, but that isn’t the point. You have to be pretty tone deaf to think that dressing up as a Nazi isn’t going to cause a problem.

What a Bunch of Snowflakes

The writer then pointed the finger back at the people that were upset, calling them snowflakes. They also think this whole incident was being blown out of proportion.

“Even before the Nazi incident, the convention had been suffering through some allegations against its CEO for sexually harassing multiple women (among other issues), the problem becoming so overblown that a movement called “Boycott Anime Matsuri” had been formed”

Maybe this is being blown out of proportion. If the only thing wrong with Anime Matsuri was one dork that dressed up like a Nazi and told some tasteless jokes, I would agree. But the way this is written is why I have a problem.

Several women have come forward with sexual harassment claims. That’s still a serious issue that deserves some attention. The “among other issues” part is linked to a tweet that talks about multiple lawsuits and allegations that the company isn’t paying contractors.

I don’t think not wanting to support an organization like that is blowing things out of proportion.

The use of the word “snowflake” bothers me, too. If I can’t be upset about a convention that allegedly condones sexual harassment, doesn’t pay contractors, gets sued regularly, AND allows people dressed as Nazi’s to run panels where they make Holocaust jokes, what am I allowed to be upset about?

This is a Joke, Right?

If it wasn’t for the fact that many of their sources are from last week, I would have assumed this was an April Fool’s Day joke. A bad one. But a joke, nonetheless. I’m not sure why I expected more journalistic integrity from a site that posts such quality content as Kamiya Erina’s “G-Cup Cleavage” Adventures and Onahole Spotlight: Azur Lane Parody Toy Provides Great Backstory, but I’m not happy about this.

What Do You Think?

Am I expecting too much from a porn blog? Do you think this is an elaborate joke? Am I overreacting?

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