Top 5 Bald Boys In Anime



Since the dawn of time, many have believed that one’s hair is directly linked to their power. From the tale of Samson, to the wild hair growth in Dragonball Z — I’m looking at you, SSJ3 Goku!

But, you know what, screw that, man.

Many great characters are bald boys. And some of them are downright iconic. Lex Luthor, Professor X, Mace Windu, Homer Simpson — these are just a few of the most popular bald figures in fiction.

However, we don’t really see our bald anime boys get much love. Today I’m here to fix that. This is my top 5 bald boys in anime.

Also, no — there is no Krillin in this list.

5Tonpetty / Tom Petty [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

Where Tonpetty isn’t exactly the most iconic character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, he is very significant to the series. You see, Jonathan was blessed with the power of Hamon by Baron Zeppeli. And Zeppeli was trained in the ways of Hamon by Master Tonpetty. Without him training Zeppeli, Jonathan would have never been able to take on Dio. Plus, his namesake is pretty great.

4Jet Black [Cowboy Bebop]

Jet Black is one of my favorite characters in Cowboy Bebop. I love his “no bullshit” attitude, combo’d with his somewhat fatherly approach towards the members of his ship. Key moments like the discussion about “bell peppers and beef” help define not just Jet, but also his right hand partner, Spike Spiegel. I honestly wish I could say more about him, but he’s a character that words really can’t do justice. Jet simply has to be experienced first-hand to understand how awesome he is.

3Saitama [One Punch Man]

If you want to talk about the epitome of simplistic character design, you can’t help but bring up Saitama. His plain yellow jumpsuit, red rubber gloves, and bald head all combine into a simple man. But that simple design works so freaking well that it’s almost baffling.

It doesn’t take long to recognize who Saitama is and what he’s most famous for. He’s a regular human being, but he can eliminate any foe that dare face him with a single punch. He can also take a beatdown from hell. Basically, he’s the strongest anime character in existence.

2Master Roshi / Kame Sen’nin [Dragonball Series]

Let’s get the big one out of the way first. He trained Goku. Goku straight up learned his signature move from Master Roshi. Beyond just that, he trained most of the Z-Fighters. Not to mention, his home became an integral base of operation for a good chunk of early DBZ.

My personal favorite thing about Roshi is that he’s still able to kick some ass in his old age. He participates in many fighting tournaments against the Z-Fighters and various aliens, and he is able to hold his own when push come to shove.

Master Roshi also has quite an eye for the ladies despite his old age. He embodies the “I’ll do me” lifestyle.

1Major Alex Louis Armstrong [Fullmetal Alchemist]

Major Armstrong — also known as the Strong Arm Alchemist — had to be placed at the top of my list. I honestly don’t know where to start with this dude. Simply on an outward level, the guy is the epitome of style meets strength.

He’s taken on some serious shit, with his fight against Sloth being one of the hardest. He’s also an angel with a heart of gold, going very much out of his way to ensure the well being of his friends and allies. Not to mention how he loves to have a very loud and fun time.

Reinhardt from Overwatch would love this guy.


There you have it — my top 5 bald boys. This list was a little tough for me, if I’m being honest. I really thought about including Ikkaku from Bleach in here somewhere, and I knew for a fact that I didn’t want to put Krillin in this. It just felt too obvious. Anyway, which one do you think has the best head shine?