Hinamatsuri Explores the Key to Psychic Girl Supremacy

Hinamatsuri • 2 of 12 • This Is how You Have a Superpower Battle!



As Hina becomes accustomed to her new life, we see the appearance of our second psychic girl, Anzu. She’s been given the task of disposing of Hina and she sees this as her chance to prove herself. Problem is, Anzu is just as clueless about the world as Hina was, so she spends more time stealing food from convenience stores than she does tracking down her target. Later, Nitta comes to the realization that pretending to be Hina’s father is having a serious impact on his image around town and his dating life.



Anzu arrives in a similar fashion to Hina; a capsule mysteriously materializes from the sky. Unfortunately, Anzu doesn’t have the luck of landing into the home of a wealthy Yakuza Dad. Instead she lands on top of a coffee can and in front of a gang of bikers. Anzu makes quick work of them then steals their leader’s jacket since, like Hina, she arrived with no clothes.

Why does this organization send their psychic children out on missions naked? It must have caused issues in the past. Later, Nitta happens to run into our new girl at a ramen shop and rumors that a girl just crushed the biker gang leads him to believe she’s related to Hina. He tails her and finds out his suspicions are completely justified.


Nitta tracks down Anzu with the assistance of the local homeless people and figures to fight fire with fire by bringing Hina to defeat her. However, the two don’t have a regular psychic fight since that could potentially destroy the city. Instead, Nitta convinces them to have a game of rock paper scissors to decide the victor.

Here we learn something very interesting — Hina is considerably powerful among psychics. During their game, Anzu is unable to turn Hina’s head using her powers, even if she does manage to get some hilarious faces out of her in the process. Meanwhile, Hina nearly snaps Anzu’s neck with minimal effort.


The second half of the episode sees Nitta noticing that he doesn’t have the same effect on the ladies around town as he used to. See, rumor around town is that now that Nitta has a “daughter”, he wants to cut back on his playboy ways, which is totally not true.

Nitta doesn’t take this lying down, and he decides to start putting his needs above Hina’s, putting on a slick black suit and leaving Hina with a can of mackerel each night as he hits up the bars and hostess clubs around town.


Hina becomes fed up and enlists her classmate Hitomi to investigate where Nitta keeps going every night. Through the wackiest sitcom level shenanigans, Hitomi ends up manning the bar at Nitta’s favorite spot and doing a surprisingly good job of it, too.

Meanwhile, Hina has a heart to heart with best lady Utako and the episode culminates with a drunken Nitta inviting everyone, Hina and Hitomi included, out to a night of nonstop partying at a hostess club.


I should probably mention that in the OP for the show Hina is holding a bowl of salmon roe. Like, almost EVERY SHOT has her holding salmon roe.


Anzu is a welcome addition to the cast and if the OP is anything to go by, she won’t be the only one. It’s another strong episode with a lot of laughs some fair bits to warm your heart in between. Two episodes down, ten to go. and Hinamatsuri looks like it is going to hold up.