Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sometimes Horse Girls Have to Learn Things the Hard Way

What Has Become of My Life? After the first two episodes of Umamusume: Pretty Derby, I thought maybe my love of this series was a...

Dorei-ku Is the Rapey Version of Yugioh That No One Asked For

When a show appends “The Animation” to the title, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I was willing to overlook it this time because of the interesting premise. In hindsight, I should have trusted my instincts.

Magical Girl Site is the Lovechild of Madoka Magica and Narutaru

Aya is her bedroom, waking up after being choked out by her brother. Her computer lights up on its own and audio starts playing. The screen reads Magical Girl Site. She clicks on the site and a creepy guy with pigtails shows up and invites her to equip a “magical stick” and become a magical girl.