Grappler Baki OAD Coming Out Tomorrow


Earlier this year, I reported on a new Grappler Baki anime that would come bundled with the 14th volume of Baki-Dou. Its’ coming out tomorrow. Only time will tell how long before it ends up online.

I also talked about “fan-anticipated plans and news” that was going to be announced in a special issue of Weekly Shonen Champion. That news turned out to be a new Grappler Baki TV show based on the “Most Evil Death Row Convicts” arc. Details on the length of the series and when it’s schedule to debut are still pending.


    • I’m not sure when/where it while be available. It’s a bundled item with the latest issue of the manga. I’m tempted to just buy it from Kinokuniya and watch it raw because I think it’s unlikely that it will be fansubbed.

  1. i cant find it. whrer is it.I would like tto see pickel vs jack animted but the prisoners are also ok

    • I liked the Pickle, too, but I think the Convicts might be my favorite. I’m just happy there’s a new anime coming out soon.